Start Your Career in Childcare and Education

Start Your Career in Childcare and Education

Childcare Careers in Bay Area

Are you passionate about shaping the future of our next generation? At Temp Care, we're seeking individuals with a deep understanding, love, and compassion for children, ready to embark on a rewarding career in the childcare industry.

We provide you with a diverse range of experiences by working with various types of schools, including preschools, infant centers, and after-school programs.

We're more than just a childcare employment agency; we're a guide on your journey to acquiring early childhood education units. If you're serious about making a difference in the lives of children, reach out to us.

We're here to help you take that first step into the industry.

Why Join Temp Care?

We are a dedicated childcare staffing agency, recruiting and placing substitutes, ranging from teachers to assistant teachers and teacher's aides. We serve a variety of facilities, including public, private, county-funded, state-funded, or federally-funded, on a daily basis.

Temp Care is committed to providing you with the childcare job you desire and the support to transform it into a career.

We offer excellent pay and a full supplement of benefits, including mileage reimbursement, job assignments based on your preferences, exposure to different types of programs, weekly schedule flexibility, and part-time or full-time assignments.

We also provide referral advantages.

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Why Join Temp Care?

Still Have Questions?

We've got your back. We understand that transitioning into a new field can be daunting. That's why we're transparent about our working conditions, pay, and state requirements. It's our commitment to ensure you feel confident, informed, and prepared for the journey ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions about Childcare Career

Do you guarantee hours?

TC cannot guarantee the number of hours, as this depends on the combination of assignments, qualifications, and your availability and flexibility in terms of accepting assignments. The more flexible you are in your travel range and hours, the better your odds will be of receiving consistent work.

What is the pay?

The pay is competitive for the field. A TC Recruiter can give you further details during your interview.

Is there an application fee?

No application fees are required, but there are certain state requirements for work eligibility that you will need to pay to State agencies and medical institutions. A TC Recruiter can give you precise information about these fees.

Are Early Childhood Education units a requirement?

No, but they are recommended for growth in the field. A TC Recruiter can give you further details about classes during your interview.

Do I have to change diapers?

It is important that the schools can rely on you for help, and that includes changing diapers if the school requires it.